ShowTime Tans - Clarisa's Golden Touch
Attention please go to:
Clarisa's Golden Touch has changed business names and has a whole new look with even better service.
Steps to booking your tan for the shows we are offsite
Book 2 appointments
1 for Friday
1 for Saturday on the site
Then shoot me a text with your full name so I can send
you hotel info as soon as I book my room. 
I wont know room numbers until I check-in to the hotel.
We will go to venue and find a spot to apply Glaze and do
any Touch ups needed for both pre-judging and finals
Skin prep is super important if you skip the steps your tan will look horrible and all those weeks of prep will go to waste.
No Lotion for a week!!!!!
Remove Body Hair!!!
Exfoliate for a Week!!!
Wear Super Loose Clothes!!!
Flip flops!!!
Saturday Morning LADIES Robes!!!
The dryer the skin the better your tan looks and holds.
Feel free to text me 559-871-5752 Clarisa Galindo
Instagram: @showtimetans and @incredibleshehulk
Facebook: Shehulk Galindo
Business Facebook Page:
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